Hundreds of Hugs Foundation
is a
Non-Profit for The People!


The purpose of the society is making Earth a better and less lonely place for humans and animals alike. With special care and attention to those suffering that can't speak up or fight for themselves. Offering help and “hugs” to those in need. Whether it be in the literal physical sense of a hug, or in the emotional, spiritual or financial capacity. Nobody should ever be alone and struggle in Silence. To be of service to others is life's greatest gift and love should be shared freely and often.

Technology & Innovation

To make a lasting impact, we know that we must actively engage and include the communities we are seeking to help. We are continually learning and growing in how we show up as an authentic, ethical partner.

Finance & Investing

Utilizing and adapting technologies familiar to the developed world, we can provide teachers, parents, and students with products and services to improve learning and decision-making.

Partnering with Local Communities

By nurturing relationships with likeminded organizations and private individuals, we're truly able to do what traditional funding can do.


Jikel Keys

Hi friends, I am 43 years old and live in beautiful Sooke BC. I enjoy music, playing sports, volunteering and being outside with my dog Maggie. I've always wanted to help people. My mom taught us that at a very young age. In 2016 I graduated with honours from discovery college as a healthcare assistant. I couldn't wait to embark on my career working with the adult disabled and the elderly. Though in June of 2017 my stepson Braxton Leask and my bonus son Dylan Buckle were murdered. I got the phone call when I was working at a group home and I haven't returned to my profession since. I just had nothing in me to give anybody else. Now in 2023 I feel stronger and capable and confident. I am ready to pursue my passion of helping others and making a difference in the world. To honour those boys each day in good deeds and in being of service to others. I once read a quote from Muhammad Ali that said "service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" I like that. So while I am blessed with the human experience on earth. I'm gonna do whatever I can to make it brighter and better place.
With much love, thanks and gratitude for your support in my vision and outreach. Jikel Keys

Braxton & Dylan
Braxton & Dylan

Dylan & Braxton

“The art of sharing starts with caring.”

– Sooke, BC